Who are we?

Crysalis was founded by a marketing guru and philanthropist. With a respect for Asian culture and a deep sense of community values, the day-to-day team consists of women who can interact in your native language.

Crysalis is a full-service management agency and has extensive experience in scaling accounts, giving you more time and money to do what you love.


About Us

Here at Crysalis, our friendly OnlyFans management teams work with ambitious models and content creators in order to grow their following and increase their monthly revenue. We are able to work with both smaller accounts looking to maximise their potential to high influencers with large followings to bring continued success. All of our team at Starz Management follow three principles when working with our models and content creators that is instil trust, personal growth and hard work. 

We have the skills, experience and know-how in order to successfully manage high-performing accounts and discover ways that we can grow your following. We hear many OnlyFans accounts that have run into a roadblock and struggle to scale their account to the next level and that is where we come in.

With our expert marketing and managing expertise, you can start discovering your true potential as an OnlyFans creator and start enjoying more freedom in your life.

Crysalis management

why work with us?

Strategic Marketing

Our team is able to handle the complete marketing side of your OnlyFans account by understanding your account and the audience, once we have learnt the details of your account, we set a strategic marketing plan in order to start growing your following which will ultimately lead to more revenue. All this will be documented for you to see.

Personal Growth

When you enter a partnership with Crysalis, we want our content creators to be happy in themselves. That is why we have mental health and well-being services as the happier you are in your career, the more freedom you will have. Personal growth is important to us and we love to pass it on to you.

We Respect Your Privacy

We understand that your OnlyFans account is a private audience meaning that any information that we get from you will never go public and we are completely discreet about who we work with unless you approve anything. Our team will never ask you to share any data that you are uncomfortable giving out.

Dedicated Team

One of our biggest joys is finding new ways and techniques to bring success to our content creators, our team is dedicated and we are only a call or text away from you asking any questions or queries while we are managing your accounts. We strive to bring the best results for your account when you work with us.

Crysalis Network

When you partner with Crysalis, you will have access to our Crysalis Network where you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded content creators and make potential friendships & partnerships with other content creators. Having a network available can seriously boost your following.

Become A Star

Having expert guidance on your OnlyFans journey will be able to earn life-changing sums of money that allow you to have complete freedom of your life and work where you please. Our mission here at Crysalis is to make stars. You can start your journey with us today and realise your true potential as content creator.